ValueEveryone agrees that recycling makes sense and that it is good for the environment. Beyond altruism, however, recycling really only occurs in practice if it is a Value-Added activity.

As the following Value Propositions show, Nationwide Mattress Recycling's recycling programs will add value to your organization- we guarantee it!

Value Proposition #1- SAVE MONEY - We will save you money. No matter where your project is located or when it is slated to start, we will provide an accurate quote with absolutely no hidden charges. The bottom line? You will know your costs to recycle your mattresses and box springs and how they compare to sending the material(s) to the local incinerator or landfill. In the vast majority of cases, we will save you money. Many times, a lot of money!

Value Proposition #2 - SAVE TIME, IT'S EASY - We will save you time. Yes, it is easy to recycle with Nationwide Mattress Recycling - we promise! Our simple 1, 2, 3 system ensures that recycling is integrated into your workflow without complication, extra work or time delays. Nationwide Mattress Recycling has successfully provided mattress and box spring recycling services to thousands of hotels, colleges, retailers and military bases across North America.

Value Proposition #3 - WIN BIDS - Since we will save you money if you are involved in a bid situation, you'll win more bids - period! Organizations charged with the removal and proper disposition of mattresses and box springs that use Nationwide Mattress Recycling's recycling services are more competitive, more sought after and better regarded than those that don't.

Value Proposition #4 - HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT ALSO HELPS WIN BIDS - Beyond the dollars, bids that contain a recycling program are more attractive because you help your customer reach their Sustainability, Corporate Recycling and L.E.E.D. goals.

Value Proposition #5 - MEET RECYCLING RULES AND REGULATIONS - Nobody likes to talk about regulations, but recycling rules and regulations are on the rise nationwide and are here to stay. Many government entities REQUIRE recycling for many difficult materials, including mattresses and box springs. By recycling now, you meet and exceed regulations that affect your business or your customer.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Just a quick note of thanks. We are extremely pleased with the Job that you completed for us... Four trailers (without a hitch).. a little transportation humor.. On a serious note.. Thank you again for a job well done." Arkansas

"As the owner/operator of a 65 room motel, we are extremely cost conscious, and we try, when it makes sense, to do our part on the environment side. As part of our recent renovation, we were able to recycle over 100 mattresses with Nationwide Mattress Recycling. They handled all of the arrangements for a work team to swap out the old mattresses for the new ones that we purchased. Just like clockwork! The new mattresses were brought to each room, the old mattresses removed to a box truck and at the end of the project, we had all of our new mattresses in place and all of the old ones on their way to be recycled! Not only did we save a few bucks, but they made it easy for me.

I know I'll use them again. Thanks Nationwide Mattress Recycling!" Pennsylvania

"As a large University, we have adopted "Zero Waste to Landfill" as a sustainability objective. In attempting to divert our sizeable inventory of used mattresses from landfills, we were fortunate to discover Nationwide Mattress Recycling. By incorporating their services into our renovation process our LCA has shown dramatic improvements and improved our Triple Bottom Line in ways that we did not think possible! " Chief Sustainability Officer - University New York

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